Thursday, June 26, 2014

The World of Consulting

So I've been my own boss for 2 months now, my how time flies! I would say things are going pretty well so far. Is it everything I thought it would be? Yes, and no. I love having no one to answer to. I love that I can set my own schedule and do what I want for the most part. I love being outside of the office drama. Here are some surprises:

1. There is never enough time. I thought by not sitting in an office all day I'd have so much more time to get things done. Not so. The days fly by, and whatever time I have just disappears. I am often busier than I ever thought I would be.

2. It is really hard to get up in the morning. I kind of expected this one, as I am not a morning person, but I thought setting an alarm would at least prompt me out of bed. Nope. I am generally up by 7:30 am, which is not terrible, but I wish I could get up at 7. The strict goal I have set for myself is I need to be on the computer by 9 am, no matter what. At least that part seems to be working.

3. I thought I would be able to have lunch with folks, do some networking, etc. In reality, taking time out to do a long lunch means very little work gets done that day, so I don't do it very often cause right now I'm up against some serious deadlines.

4. It is hard as hell to come up with a decent company name. All the ones I really like are already taken, albeit maybe across the country. However, in today's social media world, even if they are far away you are competing for Facebook or LinkedIn page names, Google results, etc. So I still haven't found the perfect one yet. Which means...

5. I haven't started thinking about getting new clients yet. This current contract is gearing up for a conference in July, after which I will have a lot more time. Provided I think of a good name for myself, I need to spend post-conference time setting up a website and networking to get some new clients. Can't have all my eggs in one basket.

6. If I never worked another day I'd be happy, though this isn't quite a surprise either. I hate to say it, but I just find working takes up all the time I want to do other stuff. I have a lot of interests and hobbies and I know my days would be just as full. I'm just too old to really care or be "driven." I just want it easy. Occasionally I take a "day off" here and there and know I could do that more often than not. If only I could win the lottery!

As far as the current contract goes, I have gotten pretty close to the goal that was set for the work that I am doing. I am pleased with where I am given the short time frame. The contract is supposed to renew for next year, so I need to get my act together and get more prepared next time around, do more prospecting, etc. Financially, I wrote my contracts in a smart way, and I put aside a good amount to cover taxes and emergencies. I spent a lot of time the first month talking to my accountant, financial planner, etc. I am trying to be cautious yet optimistic. So far so good. Provided nothing weird happens and my contract renews, I'll give this another full year to develop additional clients and see where this all goes.


karen13 said...

Just stumbled across your blog. I quit my job last month and have been taking it easy - trying to decide whether to look for another or whether I want to start something of my own...
Do blog again, I'm going to bookmark this cos I'd love to know how things go for you!

CC said...

Hi Karen13, thanks for your comment. I am glad I stepped out on my own though it's been challenging lately. Hope you figure out what you want to do! My first client was a former employer, and my second client was a contractor for the first employer at one time, so it's good to use your network to get things started if you decide to go out on your own. Keep me posted!

song wang said...
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