Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Audi R8 is the coolest car ever. I wondered how much it was, but was afraid to look. Now I know why. The MSRP is $156K! Someone actually parks one frequently in Shirlington. Man I need to find out who it is and make a new friend!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from Boston

I was in Boston recently for a conference from work, and it just about took me a week to recover . . . the conference went well, it's just exhausting. Now I'm full into interview mode. Every year I say to myself "this has to be the last conference" and yet every year I'm still there. So I am trying to change that before the next one comes around. There's also change in leadership coming, and I do fear that we won't be able to get through another budget without laying someone off. So it's go time. I've had two phone interviews so far with a company out of town. I would get to telecommute, but the job has a lot of travel. They are coming into town in August to do in-person interviews, and they already told me that they want to meet me in person. I also have an interview with another company Monday, so I'm taking the day off work cause it's in the afternoon. I also just really want another long weekend.

In any case, it's hotter than hell here. I just wonder what these extremes mean. We had record snow this year, and now record heat. I just don't like it, I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Ever the optimist here ;)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Two Saturdays This Week

My conference for work is coming up and Thursday was a really busy, stressful day. The kind where you feel completely beat up by the time you go home. So I chilled that night and got myself ready to face Friday.

But when I got up, my brain did not want to face Friday. It told me that the day was Saturday. I turned my alarm off thinking, why did I set my alarm for Saturday? I took the dogs for a really long walk, thinking, why are people standing at the bus stop on Saturday? We stopped at the dog park, thinking why is it so empty on Saturday? I walked home and started taking my vitamins in my Sunday - Saturday plastic packet and noticed I was taking vitamins marked Friday. How odd that I forgot to take my vitamins on Friday, I thought. Then, with dread, it occured to me: Maybe today is Friday. Oh crap. Could it be? Are you kidding me? Am I getting really senile or something? I checked my cell phone to be sure, and it was indeed Friday at 9:30 a.m. and I was already 1/2 hour late for work and hadn't showered yet.

What a terrible shock, and such a disappointment!

I quickly checked my work schedule: did I have a meeting? No. Did I have something due: Yes. Crap, I need to go to the office. Otherwise I would have called in sick. I called my boss and left a really vague message about running late and that I would be in around 11. Am I going crazy? I was completely convinced that it was Saturday. Unbelievable. I think after my conference I need a serious vacation.