Friday, December 06, 2013

I Cannot Be Smote

This is a line that Jessa says in the HBO series 'Girls.' She basically sleeps with an ex who has just gotten engaged to prove that she cannot be smote. In other words, he hasn't gotten over her and can't forget about her.

On Thanksgiving I got a text from an ex that I dated a year ago and very briefly. The breakup involved me finding out about a lie he told me. I don't put up with liars. However, I really liked him and we have stayed in touch a bit here and there--for example he was on my mass email about my dog dying this summer. That was probably our last contact.

This week I got my first Christmas cards. There is a very organized couple that I am friends with that always sends their cards first. However, they were tied this year with another ex from about a year ago (right after ex above). I haven't seen or spoken to him in months either, and when I've seen him I've been very cool yet civil. Cause he was also a big liar. Why did he even still have my address? I don't even have his phone number or email anymore and I never had his address.

Anyway, I'm just thinking WTF with these guys? And I came to the conclusion that I just cannot be smote.