Monday, March 31, 2014

The Last Laugh: I Quit My Job & I'm Shaking Things Up

I finally resigned today. These past 3 weeks at work have been *so* miserable. My boss has been on a rampage to kick my and my employees' asses. Seriously, last Thursday after a meeting I thought all 3 of us would walk out. An opportunity presented itself recently and while it's a bit risky--consulting--it's a calculated risk. I am making enough money to cover me through the summer, buying time to figure out if I want to fully take the plunge and start my own consulting business, or look for another job. If the latter, I have the time and freedom to look for a job while I have a more flexible schedule for the summer. Work from the pool!

The last 3 weeks have also sucked cause I got rear-ended in my 16-year-old car. For me, that was the last straw. I loved that car, but I have put a lot of money into it recently and just couldn't do more. Long story short, I traded it in this weekend for a brand new car while I still had the employment history to get a loan. We had finally gotten a bonus at work, so I used that as a down payment to bring my payments down to a reasonable level since I knew I was leaving a steady income.

So I have done a lot of scheming and preparing for all of this and I feel fairly confident that I have thought through things pretty well. I have given my accountant and financial planner the head's up and have some ideas of things I can do to set up a nest egg in case things get tight. I cannot wait to soon be free. Everyone at work today said I looked like a huge weight had been lifted. Can't wait until my 2 weeks are up!


LRJ~ said...

Cool ! Good luck !

song wang said...
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