Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Half My Age Plus Seven

This is sort of a shout-out to LRJ, whose blog I read on a pretty regular basis. I enjoy the fact that while we lead very different lives and don't know each other at all, we sometimes face and write about similar themes that demonstrate that we are all not so different after all.

Case in point, one of LRJ's theories about dating has been that he can date someone half his age plus seven. When I first read that I thought it was ridiculous, I would never date someone that young. Well . . . guess who's ridiculous now? I just can't believe it. I met this guy back around Memorial Day through a mutual friend. I had no idea he was so young. I wasn't interested at first, but he pursued me so we kind of hung out but then all this drama ensued. Like LOTS of drama. Epic amounts. He didn't want to date, I backed off, ignored him, he kept coming back and more drama. I wouldn't put up with his crap. Yet somehow, through all the drama, we started connected on a real level, and I felt like I somehow really understood him. Then he decided he was interested.

So we decided this week that we are dating, despite the age difference. The big problem is he wants kids and I don't. And now I'm really too old to consider this. So one part of me thinks why bother, cause I have been here before and broken up with a few people over this issue. But the other part of me really likes him and wants to see how the whole thing plays out. Needless to say, it's gonna be an interesting summer...