Monday, March 23, 2009

Survivin' Atlanta

Well, I'm back from my travels, and they were about as difficult as I thought. Lots of work, and I'm exhausted today. I went in to work, but was told by the boss I could go home midday cause we worked so hard over the weekend. Which is great, but I would have liked to not get up early this morning instead . . . oh well.

The best part of my trip was Thursday night before things really got into high gear. The weather was like 70 and I walked around a bit before having dinner at a sushi restuarant near my hotel. I enjoyed my favorite new drink, the French martini.

Today on my half day off a repairman came over . . . the washing machine is on the fritz and it probably needs to be replaced. I have a home warranty, luckily, but I think I might want to upgrade to an energy-efficient model, so that's gonna cost me. I also cleared out the basement closet, and it felt so good! Part of my plan to finally get this place whipped into shape once and for all . . . wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Work from Hell

So today we have yet another staff meeting (after sitting there for two hours yesterday in staff meetings) but this was impromptu, and I was worried that someone was leaving the company. In this time when we are in the middle of a salary freeze, when they've cut our 401K contribution, they decided to have a big meeting with champagne to announce that four people are getting promotions! I love that in this time when I've been working late every night and the only one left in the building, in this time when I've exceeded our financial goals for sponsorship, not only am I getting little to no recognition, but I'm getting treated like shit by my boss every day and everyone else is apparently getting promotions and presumably a raise. Yippee for them.

The other good news is I have a big thing going on for work, so I'm bound for Atlanta for a few days. After working late most nights this week, now I get to go and work 15 hour days over the weekend. Boy am I psyched. I definitely need to find a new job soon, I can't take it anymore.

I wish I were going someplace cool, but man, Atlanta just sucks. Scary. But tomorrow at least I hope to get a little free time and order room service and a movie and enjoy the peace and quiet before the madness begins.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grief . . . a Week Later

The sad thing about our ridiculously fast pace of life today is that there is no time to reflect, to mourn, to grieve, to think about anything anymore. I remember when my grandmother passed I had to go to work THE NEXT DAY cause of various things going on. Everyone just moves on to the next thing like nothing ever happened. It just sucks.

The house has been very, very quiet and strange without Pepper. My other dog has seemed a little out of sorts. I think he and Pepper fed off each other more than I realized. He's actually stopped being my alarm clock these days and lets me sleep later than ever before. He also seems a little lonely and clingy, so I've been trying to give him extra attention as much as I can.

I did decide to take last Monday off (despite the surprising flack from my boss), but I just think it's sad that there is no longer any respect for the emotions of life. You're just expect to go on as usual no matter what happens.

The surprising thing about this week has been the reaction of friends and family. Here are some reflections about that:

1. Family. They have called a couple of times to see if I'm ok but no "gestures" as friends have done, like cards or flowers.

2. Friends. Some friends I never expected to contact me have sent me cards or flowers. It has been so sweet, but made me cry each time . . .

3. Boss. Despite our "friendly, flexible work environment" where everyone knows WAY too much about each others' business and supposedly everyone cares about each other and personal time off is allowed, my boss was very reluctant to let me have one frigging day off cause we had a big thing planned last week. The big thing was on Friday, and mind you I took Monday off, leaving plenty of time for the planning of Friday's big event. But she was literally trying to talk me out of staying home Monday, saying things like "how considerate my dog was to pass over the weekend," the implication being that I wouldn't have to take any time off. I couldn't believe it! Most people in my company take time off for important things like hangnails; however, I was obviously not allowed one stupid day to mourn my dog of 15.5 years. Assholes! So despite the disapproval, I did take Monday off cause damn I well deserve it. Let me tell you, if it weren't for this crappy economy, I would be so out of there . . .

Sunday, March 08, 2009

RIP Pepper

Last night I had to rush to the vet emergency room in the middle of the night. My 15-year old dog, Pepper, who has been sick with kidney disease for a year, seemed to have had a stroke or something and could no longer move. So I knew, unfortunately, the time had come.

I loved this dog like a best friend. She's been with me for most of my adult life, having moved to AZ and back with me. We had lots of adventures and she's seen me through thick and thin. The house seems so quiet already without her. I will miss her always and never forget how much she meant to me. RIP, Pepper, August 18, 1993 - March 8, 2009.