Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rude or Not Rude? You Decide

I'm invited to a family wedding next month, and received the invitation a few weeks back. The RSVP date is March 31, next week. I have been really busy and haven't had time to send the RSVP back, but this week, my cousin e-mails a bunch of us who haven't RSVP'd yet reminding us that we have only 8 days to reply!

Call me crazy and old fashioned, but I thought that:

1. I had until March 31 to reply.
2. Since the invitation was a formal printed invitation, a follow up e-mail seemed a little gauche.

My sisters were offended and wrote back nasty replies. The next day I mailed my invitation and didn't reply cause it seemed like it had been addressed by my sisters. However, today I got YET ANOTHER e-mail reminder. And boy, I let my cousin have it!! Cause I mailed the friggin RSVP already, and it's only been a few days so the RSVP couldn't have gotten there yet.

So I'm wondering what everyone thinks about this? Is it tacky as hell to ask for an RSVP before the RSVP is due? And to ask by e-mail? And twice in one week? Curious minds want to know. I'm just furious about the whole thing and have half a mind not to even show up now!

Vosges Hautes Glaces

The other night on a rare trip to Whole Foods, I discovered that my favorite chocolate, Vosges, based in Chicago, now makes an exotic ice cream, Hautes Glace! I wanted to buy the Red Fire, which is hot and spicy, but felt too guilty cause it's full fat ice cream and I would have eaten the entire thing. So I refrained, but I'm sure at some point I will have to go back for it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cincinnati/Memphis Trip

I just got back from being away for about a week. Sundae, my trouble dog, ate just about everything in my house. I had a good trip except for that little problem.

Cincinnati was a trip for work, and was pretty tiring. I have to say the city itself was nicer than I remembered. I'd been there once years ago. I didn't get to have any of the city's famous chili, but I did manage to have some Graeter's ice cream.

I went to Memphis afterwards to visit Funny Girl who moved there back in December. We had a great time, hitting all the popular sites: The Rock and Soul Museum, the Peobody, and Sun Studios. But the highlight was probably seeing Graceland. It was really pricey, but I wanted to go. It was amazing to see all of Elvis' gold records. What a legend. We even went to the Botanic Gardens on the only sunny day. Loved the barbecue at Corky's and got to see her brother-in-law sing at BB King's.

At Sun Studios I discovered the first song to officially be called rock 'n roll: Rocket 88. Click on the link to hear it and learn a little about it. I'm a little obsessed with it right now and bought a CD that had it on there. I can't believe I have never heard it since my dad used to love this kind of music. I'm recovering today and trying to get my life back in order. It feels like I was gone forever!

Monday, March 08, 2010

March Mourning

I absolutely hate the month of March. Not only is it the time when I'm just waiting for spring to be here, a very busy time at work, and the longest month ever, but for the second year in a row there's been a death in my family.

This weekend my last remaining grandmother passed away at the age of 92. I am grateful to have had my grandparents for as long as I have . . . I still have one grandfather who will be 95 this year. I wasn’t as close to this grandmother as the one I lost three years ago, but it’s still hard to accept death and the fact that you will never see that person again.

And in loving memory, today is the day I lost my beloved Pepper last year. I miss her every day.