Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beach Birthday--All That And More

Last week I was at the beach, after months of anticipation and dying to get away and forget about all the stress of the past year. So was the trip as good as it was cracked up to be? You bet, all that and more, despite my friend driving me crazy the whole time. She was having a feud with another girl in the house and kept trying to suck me in, but I wouldn't get drawn into the drama. I created my own fun, bonded with the other people in the house, laughed, joked around, drank too much, and ate too much. The weather was gorgeous and sunny every day, and I spent nearly all my time on the beach working on my tan, or floating around the pool, or in the Jacuzzi. It was awesome. Amazing.

Made even more amazing by a beautiful man who joined us unexpectedly in the middle of the week, and coincidentally the night before my birthday. He and I hit it off immediately, and he was the best birthday present I could have hoped for. Tall (6'5"!), dark, handsome, AND age appropriate. Smart, funny, passionate. We had many weird similar interests like bats and playing drums. Boy was I, and am I, smitten. Problem is, he lives in Norfolk, and while we exchanged contact info and he friended me on FB and we have emailed and texted a bit, I haven't heard from him since Saturday. I plan to give him through the weekend, then get in touch next week if I don't hear anything. I would like to see where this could go, and the worst he can say is it was just a summer fling and he's not interested in anything more, which is kind of what I'm thinking at this point anyway. It would be a damn shame, but I need to put it out there and see what he says.

I forgot how good it was to be away for a week, and to come home feeling rested and less stressed. I am still able to look back on the fabulous week when I am feeling stressed at work. I am sure it will fade with time, but the memories that I have of this week will last forever. Check out the view above from the eagles' nest/rooftop deck, where I watched the sunset and the stars each night.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Beach Bash for Birthday

I haven't had a proper vacation in way too long to count, so this year when friends approached me to go to Corolla with them for a beach week, I didn't hesitate. We are leaving in just a few short days. Coincidentally and happily I will be away for my birthday, which is getting way too close to a number I cannot even fathom. So I'm expecting lots of presents! Just kidding. What I am expecting is gorgeous weather, sun, sand, good food and drink, and plenty of fun with friends. I can't wait to get away, and I keep threatening to not come back. Check out this gorgeous house. I am counting down the days until I can be there!