Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I Hate Work

I have read a couple of interesting articles recently related to work.

The first is about how now that the economy is improving, people are quitting their hated jobs without having anywhere to go. I would love to do that. Check out the article here.

The other article was about the terrible health effects that it has on your body. I always thought that work is killing me, and it truly is. Check out the article here.

Then I saw an episode of House Hunters tonight where the person moved to Cabo in Mexico, bought this huge, great place for $350K that had a level that could be rented out. How sweet would that be?

And let's close this with one of the things I love from the past few weeks:

Why does your boss tell you to give someone a deadline of Friday then decide she wants it Thursday after you’ve already told them Friday? Then you have to go back and look like an ass and ask for it earlier.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long Gone

I have been super busy this month, so I haven't been blogging much. Here are a few highlights of what I've been up to:

*Coordinated a pet happy hour in my neighborhood
*Helped put on a neighborhood day
*Pulled up two overgrown shrubs in my yard that didn't fare well over the winter
*Dug out two new flower beds behind my fence
*Purchased flowers and started to plant, waiting for the rain to subside!

I'll try to be better about blogging, but truthfully it's hard to keep up with all the "social media" stuff that you're supposed to these days . . .

Sunday, May 02, 2010

NY Wedding and Shelter Stamps

Well, I just got back last night from my cousin's wedding on Long Island. It was a really fun time and I got to see people I don't see very often. I didn't stop dancing the entire night!

I also wanted to raise awareness of new forever stamps being issued by the Post Office to create awareness about adoption and shelters. Check it out and buy other really cute products here.