Thursday, August 19, 2010

Accentuate the Positive

I don't want to curse myself, but it's definitely been an interesting week, in a good way. I've been interviewing, and had more luck than I anticipated. I have a second interview tomorrow, and they are calling references so that is really interesting. We'll see if they make and offer and how much, though I am more interested in another job and waiting for them to come to town to do interviews. This has all been very anxiety-producing, but exciting.

The other really great thing is my college roomate, who I haven't talked to in like 10 years, contacted me through FB recently. I was surprised in a way, but I had sort of been following her and knew she was on FB so it wasn't a total shock.

So these are some really cool things. I needed some good stuff sent my way. I also went to a very fun happy hour last week, and we're doing it again tomorrow night. Yeah!