Sunday, January 12, 2014

Update on the "B" Project

So B and I continued to dance the dance of commitment phobics until just a couple of weeks ago. We had talked about maybe getting together for New Year's Eve and I actually invited him up here (he is 3 hours south) to a party. He had made plans already and tried to get out of them, but no go. So I then invited him to another party up here that I knew he would enjoy because of some of his hobbies. Again no go, with a nice explanation of why and an update on his great Christmas. And no mention of getting together, no reciprocal invitation to see him, no "hey let's try for something in February." No nothing. Again.

For me, that was it. I'm tired of hitting my head against his very thick wall. Tired of one way invitations. So he can kiss my ass. I sent him a nice but snarky message back, though he probably didn't realize it. I said "Happy New Year. I hope 2014 is everything that you want it to be." In other words, go fuck yourself. Don't think I will hear from him. It's his loss.

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LRJ~ said...

Or how about:

"Best wishes for a Happy New Year! It can't possibly be as good as you expect it to be."