Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sofa Shopping: Size Does Matter

I am in the market for a new sofa for the first time in about 10 years. I absolutely love my current sofas, but after much abuse from my crazy dogs, it's time for new furniture. I've spent the past couple of weekends looking at sofas and have discovered that most sofas are 8 inches shorter and 5 inches less deep than the one that I currently own. I love to nap on my sofa, so the depth is important, so I don't feel like I'm going to roll off.

With America's excessive lifestyle and obsession with "bigger is better," what is going on with furniture? We build bigger cars/SUVs and McMansions, supersize our food, and have more obese people than ever before. Why is furniture shrinking? How are obese people going to find a couch that will fit their asses? Why are we building huge 60" televisions but have no (affordable) sofa big enough to get comfortable when we watch? It is a complete mystery to me and I'm very disappointed that I have to shell out all this money for something that I am not going to be happy with. I will keep looking in the hopes that I come across what I want in my price range, but it's very discouraging.

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LRJ~ said...

I suggest you take your time with this. Whatever you choose you'll have for quite some time. I never realized the sizes on couches were smaller until I bought one. It does seem odd, esp. when you compare newer couches to old ones.