Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Update. And, Running Away.

So here's an update on what's going on here. I am still sofa shopping. I can't buy anything until I get my bonus in 2 weeks. Shocking that I even get one, but hey I'm not going to complain. I have choices narrowed down to 3.

No word from Mr. B. It's been 2 months. I guess he's over it.

I need to get out of my job. My employee told me today she doesn't know how I have lasted 3 years. I saw a vineyard for sale. Any potential partners out there? I am only halfway joking. Alternatively, my neighbors want to buy a bar down the street and asked me to join in last night. It really made me sad when I realized how little money I actually have to invest. I really can't take this much longer . . . stressful job, expensive area, etc. I need to do something different but feel very trapped in my current financial situation. I either need to rob a bank or win the lottery or sell my place to escape. Buying my place was the one smart thing I did in my life--it is my trump card and I am seriously thinking about cashing it in soon.

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